Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask is available at US / UK

FAQ : Miracle Mask is a Nintendo 3DS game and is not playable on a Nintendo DS/DSi and will not be released for the Nintendo DS

Hints are now available for the first 90+ puzzles

A running count of the first 200+ hint coins is available at the end of each page

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Based on the POLL below, one of the live help members is raising money on behalf of the walkthrough to help fund the equipment needed for a full walkthrough with high quality 3DS pictures

This equipment can also be used for the sixth Professor Layton game (and other 3DS guides, which will not otherwise be possible)

If you'd like to make a small contribution (say, US$5 to $20) towards the equipment or have found the walkthroughs useful over the years, a button is now available at the top of the page

Until sufficient funds are raised, solutions are being posted with hand-crafted illustrations where appropriate

Thanks to Ariel (USA), Aaron (USA), Sylvia (Germany), Oli (UK), Elese (UK), Vincent (France), Jean (UK), Dawn (USA), Karen (USA), Matthew (USA), Theana (USA), Nguyet (Australia), Nina (USA), Mason (Canada), Dennis (UK), Jessica (USA), Mudassar (UK), Cyle (USA), Harriette (USA), Sandra (USA), Charlene (USA), Samantha (UK), Tabitha (Australia), Charlotte (UK), Iggy (Netherlands), Kyle (Canada), Tina (USA), "A K" (Netherlands), Richard (USA), Rochelle (USA), Pauline (UK), Peter (USA), Christina (USA), Christopher (Canada), Lisa (Canada), Gary (USA), Hang (USA), Michelle (Australia), Brittany (Canada) and Florian (France)

Target Progress : 98% from the 40 contributors above

The first three items have arrived from around the world

While most of the walkthrough can be written and posted (this is expected to take well over 300 hours in addition to the work already done) with the first three items, all five items are needed

The fourth item has been ordered

Whether a sixth item will be needed remains uncertain and testing continues in an attempt to use software instead

All illustrations (hand-crafted or otherwise) are exclusively for this walkthrough

Hershel Layton's Twitter is the first site to announce that the fifth game will be called Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask

This is the second game in the prequel trilogy

UK Player Request

Any UK players (ideally players who get up early or stay up late) willing to check naming differences between versions are asked to visit the walkthrough's live chat

Just Some of the Latest Updates

Added temporary solutions for the Bonus Toy Robot levels

Added requirements for unlocking Layton's Challenges

Added more UK puzzle names

Added Daily Puzzle 041

Added Battle of Wits : Cups and Balls

Worked out a shorter robot solution

Worked out a shorter mummy chamber solution

The step by step walkthrough and hints are being added

This free video game walkthrough is for the Nintendo 3DS

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